Industry Overview

Ownership of Australian Retail Fuel Sites is at the beginning of a major paradigm shift that is being witnessed around the globe.

Changing Industry

Over the past “few years” the Australian retail fuel industry has undergone significant transformation with new competition entering the market. As a result the industry has experienced strong levels of growth, expanding 2.4% annually.

Current Strategy

The current strategy of major owners in the industry is to grow their market share through greenfield developments rather than securing brownfield projects and improving on existing developments

Fragmented Market

The Australian Fuel Retail Industry displays a moderate market share concentration. While the four largest players accounting for close to 45% of industry revenue, the industry is highly fragmented outside of these major players. It is estimated that 50% of the freehold sites are owned by high and medium wealth individuals.



Annual growth 14-19


Annual growth 19 - 24








Source: IBISWorld Industry Report G4000 Fuel Retailing in Australia published on May 2019

Major Market Players

2019 Industry revenue