Fund Structure

Retail Petroleum Fund is an Australian unlisted wholesale managed investment scheme that will not be registered with ASIC.

Unit holders will have an undivided beneficial interest in the Trust as conferred by each Unit. Each class of Units in the Fund is attributable to the Fund's investment in a unit trust Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV") that intends to acquire site(s) for the purposes of retail petroleum station development.

Trustee | Guildfords Funds Management

The Trustee holds an AFSL No. 471379 and will hold the Fund's assets on trust for the benefit of Unit holders. The Trustee is responsible for the overall operation of the Fund.

Investment Manager | Capital-S Investment Managers

The Investment Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the investments of the Fund, which includes presenting potential Fund investments to the Investment Committee and monitoring the performance of investments.

Development Manager | CoBrand Group

CoBrand Group is responsible for the end to end management and delivery of the sites of the Fund, which includes presenting potential developments to the Investment Committee for purchase and monitoring the development process of all sites.

Fund Administrator | D'Omkara Accountants

D'Omkara Accounts is the Fund Administrator, who is responsible for providing fund registry and administration services to the Trustee.